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Project Description
The Learning Management Infrastructure is a set of open source tools that enables school districts to better deal with data storage, data integration, reporting, managing student achievement, communicating with stakeholders, and coordinating curriculum.

The Learning Management Infrastructure is a group of related projects built on SQL Server, Integration Services, Reporting Services, and SharePoint Services, among others. Our first major release is a data warehouse project built with SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition.

The initial releases (before version 1.0) demonstrate some of the table design and provide documentation. The initial pre-release versions should not be used for production systems. Once version 1.0 and later versions are released, there will be change scripts that can be run in SQL Server to keep your data warehouse updated to the latest version. The releases prior to version 1.0 will simply be new versions of the database without the change scripts.

The next upcoming releases will finish out various modules (see the attached .xls file on the "Releases" page), including modules on People, Enrollment, Households, Contact Information, and Employment. We hope to have version 1.0 (including these modules) released by July of 2009. We will also be releasing databases with sample data in them so you can start working with the warehouse with real data.

By spring of 2009, we will release several web-based reports built with some custom report generators and also SQL Server Reporting Services that deliver information to users with proper security rights to the warehouse. The reports will also be accompanied by as series of SQL Server Integration Services packages to assist with importing data into the warehouse.

Please continue to check back for new releases. Thanks!

Please visit our website at

See attached .xls file on the "Releases" page

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