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Looking for Data Models, Requirements, XmlSchemas

Jan 16, 2010 at 3:15 PM

Hi all,

I am actually working on designing and delivering a department-of-education system for a developing world country. My intent is to push the code base over to open source once it drops.

System is:

  • Designed from the start to support globalization (including sub-administrators doing languages). The country in question has over 50 languages spoken..
  • Designed to integrate with other systems and open source projects by supporting Xml Imports and Exports
    • Thus I am very interested in acquiring any XML schemas or DTD's in use at present
    • One of the first deliverables with be a set of standardized Xml Schemas that the system will use.
    • If you know of any such schemas, please forward to me at Ken [at]
  • Designed to support Web Front End, WinForm Front Ends, Java Front Ends.
    • All processing components support Web Service calls and direct API calls
  • Designed to support standalone use (i.e. no internet or network access, or intermittent)
    • Sync may be done by USB Sticks, CDROMs, Network (when available)
  • Support fine level information confidentiality (i.e. what a teacher, nurse, principal can see is definable and controlled)
  • Support policed adhoc information 
  • Layered approach so components may be substituted easily, thus folks can work on one specific component and integrate into the whole easily.
    • Multiple layer reporting system
    • Class room management
    • Course content creation and sharing
    • Testing: paper, web site, individual PC.

At this point, I am looking for existing requirements and schemas (in any language that Google Translate can handle -- which includes Romanian)


Ken, ex Dr.Gui, MSDN